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This weekend we went to a POY (Pick your own) farm with the intention to pick "some" fruit and make a "few" bottles of jam. I think we slightly carried away, as we picked over 6kg of strawberries, 1.5kg gooseberries and about 5kg rhubarb.

I have to say I enjoyed the experience as we used to do the same every year with my family. To tell you the truth, as a kid I didn't enjoy back then working every weekend at my grandparents garden, but now I know how great to pick your own fruit and veg and preserve it yourself. If it is your own produce you don't have to pay for it! and you know where it came from. But the POY farms are still better, than buying stuff from the supermarket.

So this Saturday's programme was: how to turn fruit to delicious jam!

You can find out how to make

Strawberry Jam with a Twist (with Cinnamon, Amaretto liqueur and Vanilla)

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